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This Was Unexpected...

When I wrote my previous (and first) blog I couldn't have predicted that the next one would be under such strange circumstances. Yet here we are, 12 weeks into lockdown, and the world is a very different place.

I know that for a lot of people this is a really tough time and everybody will have their own experiences and perspectives on the current situation. I do hope that we can all remain as positive as possible, knowing that one day things will return to normal.

In my case, speaking as a "maker", I can say that my day-to-day hasn't been impacted too severely. I am lucky that my workshop is within my own property, so social distancing isn't a problem. In fact many friends have suggested that I've been social distancing for years, but I just think that's rude 😊.

Then there is the making itself. I have always firmly believed that creating things by hand is very positive for our well-being. Whether it's drawing, writing, baking, gardening, knitting, making furniture or any of the multitude of other creative activities there are. There is nothing like the feeling of engrossing yourself in a process and, with any luck, achieving something really cool. Even when things go wrong, and they often do, any feelings of frustration are soon overcome by the idea that you learnt something useful, and you can use that to improve the next time.

The lovely thing about making pens, and specifically fountain pens, is the idea of making something that is beautiful as well as functional, and that the recipient will use it to create other beautiful things. I have been very lucky to have received several hand-written letters and thank you notes from people all over the world who have my pens, and it is just the best thing. I mean can you remember the last time you received a hand-written letter from somebody? I am guessing not in most cases. So why not send one to someone? Especially given the current situation. You don't need a fancy fountain pen, just a biro, a piece of paper and a stamp, (still surely the greatest value-for-money item ever?). Give it a go. You'll feel better for doing it and you might just make somebody's day!

Stay safe everybody!


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