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Rockster Pens is Launched!

I’ve been a wood turner for a few years now, mostly making wooden bowls. About a year ago I was asked to make a pen for somebody. Now, I believe it’s a general rule that everybody with a lathe makes a pen at some point, usually from a kit. I must admit I was a little dismissive of the idea at the time as I felt it was a bit too “simple”. However I did duly oblige and went and bought a kit and made the pen. Here’s a snap of it below:

After making this pen I started getting interest for more and before long I ventured into making custom pens, where you don't use a kit and everything is hand made apart from the nib. Below is the first custom pen I ever made which now belongs to my wife!

Little did I know how that first request for a pen would start me on a path to where I am now opening my own store.

I’m writing this in advance of the launch in a couple of weeks time. I’ve no idea how successful it will be but I enjoy making the pens so much that I hope it works out. It won’t be for the lack of trying!

So thanks for visiting and I hope you like what I’m making.


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